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Sophia Berren | Personal Trainer | Farnborough
It's me

Just a heads up, if you're looking for an inspirational read, something poetic or even borderline intelligent then look away now. What you will find though is some honesty, some real shit that you will struggle to find in the midst of today’s social media. I’ll start with admitting that this isn’t the first blog I have written, I have approached this 4 times now and abandoned it. Reason, well there isn’t one, I just simply bottled it.  On one occasion I forced this process so hard, I sat down and rewarded myself with a bourbon for every sentence I completed.  That particular evening was my most successful attempt, possibly due to the positive reinforcement but in the end I was so full I took a nap. At this point, the fact that I am a personal trainer studying to become a nutritionist makes this even more backward but it also makes me real so, whatever.

Anyway, during all the honesty I will mainly be writing about ridiculous stuff that I get up to on a daily basis that will generally make you feel like you have your life together.  Now if you don’t consider that as free therapy then I really don’t have anything else to offer you.  These particular events, sometimes daily, cause me a tonne of anxiety and I need to write it down to process it, so you can sort of consider this as therapy for me too. So, why do they happen? Well as a functioning partner, mother and business owner I am made up of 2 other people and these blogs will contain bits about them.  

Brown & Harley
Brown & Harley

Therefore, I will introduce them quickly to get you up to speed. Firstly, Roscoe, who I refer to as Brown who is my partner.  He is called Brown mostly because that's his surname and I bark unnecessary orders at him like a military sergeant.  But it's also a very mild dig at the fact that in 2019 we will be approaching 10 years together and my surname is still different to his.  Brown originates from North of the wall, the wall being the line through the country that establishes whether you have hard or soft water and he’s amazing.  But unfortunately, he brings just as much chaos to this cog system as I do. Although he is the reason we eat nutritious meals, he is also the reason we run out of petrol every Sunday evening. The second person that just so happens to tip us both on the chaos’o'meter is our son, Harley.  Harley is 7 years old and when the midwife prised him out of my body at his birth I am pretty sure they slipped him a lifetime supply of dark roasted coffee.  The kid is high energy, hilariously nuts and me and Brown spend most of our time exhausted, but he is life and our journey resinates around watching him grow. 

Duke Our Newest Addition
This is Duke with his sorting hat

In approximately 5 weeks we will be becoming a family of 4 when our dog Duke arrives.  Duke is possibly one of the highest maintenance dog breeds you can purchase…. because when you light a living room fire, do it with petrol and explosives.  We have wanted a Samoyed for a while now and we were willing to travel for the privilege.  He is currently getting cute and cuddly over in France and we pick him up late Feb. 

So, in a nutshell, be prepared for ultimate chaos on a new scale with my updates especially as our family grows  But until then I will have to love you and leave you…because my ray of sunshine is sat on the toilet and we are completely out of bog roll.

Take it easy, Sophia x

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