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Make it enjoyable

So i'm not the most consistent blogger that walks the planet but it's safe to say that I’ve been pretty busy lately.  Running a personal training business can be a very rewarding job but it does come with it’s long days. Programming, cutting the grass, setting the house on fire, blowing up the hoover, you know, that kind of stuff.  But along with all that, myself and Brown have launched a clothing brand called Remain Untamed ( just another string to our life bow and I'm over here unable to find a single pair of matching socks. I mean, lets be honest, if me and Roscoe get carried away with anymore business ideas don't be surprised if Duke zigzags down your road in an ice-cream van selling two for one cornettos. Jokes aside though, we are really proud of our Untamed clothing, from the design, the materials to the cute little boxes they are delivered in and it's the start of something really exciting.

Booty Shorts for when your workout gets wild.... and wet
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Just to clarify, I have been doing this PT thing for quite some time, I  have continued my development over the years so I do know what I’m doing, but I did feed the plug of an extension cable through a window into a bucket of water the other day, so it’s all probably still up for debate.  Which leads me onto my next point, I am starting to wonder if that's the very reason why people come to my studio in the first place, well initially for the life change but these peeps stick around because they literally don’t know what the fuck i'm going to do next.  And that unpredictability my friends, appears to be very entertaining. Rumour has it, to create a routine you need to enjoy what you are doing with the people you are doing it with, so if laughing at my expense is my biggest retention tool then I’m actually ok with that. 

Do you think Duke looks better in his own leggings?

Wherever you are training right now, make sure it’s enjoyable, achievable and most importantly, doing you some good.  Too many people, mostly on a Monday, throw themselves into an exercise regime and try to achieve big things too quickly.  Look at achieving your first pull up for example, I have lost count on the amount of people that have come in and said ‘Soph, I would love to be able to do a pull up, that's my biggest goal' So what if I told you it takes a shit load of time? Would you work towards it still, would you stay patient?  My most successful clients that work on the same thing week in, week out and make small adaptations to a stimulus get the biggest results.  It’s slow, it’s even tame maybe?  I don’t actually do anything fancy with my clients, don’t tell them that though?! We train sensibly, consistently and the fun actually comes from the relationship I build with them and each other, the support given physically and mentally is the secret recipe. Because when you are training with people you enjoy being around, the time it takes to achieve something doesn’t seem so unobtainable and you stop crash dieting and exercising. You plan smaller wins over longer periods and achieve better results. So sit back and assess what you are doing, are you changing it up too much? Do you have a plan? My PT clients and TeamFit members have a plan and my client retention proves that, along with the fact that I run a circus and they are just waiting for the next disaster, but I'm happy to brush that under the rug….although, I don’t have a rug to brush that under right now...Why? Because my fucking dog ate it.

P.S if you have already bought a pair of our leggings or a sports bra... click this link and leave us a review... although you will need to have a google account in order to do it.

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